Friday, October 24, 2014


In this season of my life, I've asked God to reveal Himself to me like I've never seen Him. You know that "be careful what you ask for" saying. I'm agreeing with it. I've stepped out my comfort zone and jumped in by leading a bible study with a few friends. Here's the background story:

Every time I'm in Nashville, I attend Crosspoint Church. I absolutely love this church. A few weeks ago, they began a study covering a bible study by Mike Foster named Freeway. The sermon was excellent and I spend 95% of it in tears. It touched me that strongly. I got the book and made plans to go along with a couple of friends. I got the book home and the more I looked at the book as a whole, I knew that I needed to go through this study with people that are actually present in my daily life. Not just friends that I can correspond with through technology. I needed hands on friends to walk out the truth of the study. So..... I approached a friend and asked her what she thought about joining me. It turned into 3 more friends joining our group. So now, every other Wednesday night the 5 of us gather and have dinner and bible study. The first week, I was completely nervous. Actually cried because I didn't feel equipped. I didn't know what I had gotten myself into. I was brave enough to share this with them. And you know what, it went well. Last night we were more open to being honest about life. About the nit and gritty. Not just the rainbows. We are all struggling and are now on this path of discovery. It has stretched me to find out what I believe is truth concerning God. I'm digging deeper. I'm growing. And I learning to share life. It's really a beautiful sometimes messy thing.

I would love the prayers for us during this time. May we bear our souls so that God can mend what is broken. May we come away with a better relationship and love for Him. May we come away with better friendships.

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